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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  December 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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season for do like us. mika, what did you learn today? >> the search for a cure continues. slash the stache, remember that last week? it continues. check it out online. we'll have more. i saw bring it on yesterday. >> how was bring it on? >> great. great for teens. bring them on. >> your girls loved it? is. >> loved it. loved it. yes. >> it's no lincoln or bin laden. >> it's fantastic. it's fun. >> fantastic. well, mike, if it's way too early, what time is it? >> that would be "morning joe" but now it's time for chuck and "the daily rundown." take it away, chuck. table for two. president obama and speaker boehner sit down at the white house and try to make some headway on a deal. they're quiet about what happened but the president will loudly make it clear what he wants again today and he's on the road in michigan. also this morning one half of america's favorite fiscal friendship will be here.
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erskine bowles on debt deal making, whether he wants to work for the obama administration and his pal simpson's newfound love for deficit hawk gangnam style. plus, what will had hillary clinton do next. the secretary of state's future. some of clinton's closest allies are keeping very quiet which actually was surprising. good morning. from washington it's monday, december 10, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. we're in double digits in december. what does that mean? it means we're finally at the serious phase of the fiscal negotiations. three weeks to go before the proverbial fiscal cliff. actually it's not proverbial. so-called, right? let's not hope this becomes proverbial. anyway, the president's photo-op of the day will be at a suburban detroit auto plant. >> if we're serious about protecting middle class families and we're going to have to ask
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the wealthiest americans to pay higher tax rates. that's one principle i won't compromise on. the. >> the president is in detroit, daimler will announce a big $100 million investment to expand u.s. production in jobs. it's the real reason he was invited to michigan. with time running out for a deal before the holidays, the president and now speaker john boehner met at the white house, the first face-to-face meeting between the two in nearly a month. the first one-on-one meeting between the two. aides refused to characterize the meeting saying, quote, we're not reading out can details but the lines of communication remain open. but we'll do it for him. this is the real start of the negotiations, folks. if this week goes bad, we shouldn't worry about a deal. the plan is to get something passed by friday, december 21st or even december 24th. and then the legislation has to be written by the 18th. and that means that obama and
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boehner must reach some framework of an agreement by december 14 or 15 if there's going to be a deal. what does that mean? lots of serious talks have to begin now. we can put the posturing finally aside. we've run out the clock on this posturing phase. bob corker joined a growing number of republicans who argue that agreeing to the president's position on raising tax rates will actually give the republicans an upper hand in budget negotiations going forward. >> a lot of people are putting forth a theory, and i think it has merit, where you go in and given the president the 2% increase that he's talking about, the rate increase on the top 2%, and all of a sudden the shift goes back to entitlements. >> will i accept a tax increase as a part of. >> deal to solve our problems? yes. >> oklahoma congressman tom cole who has delivered a similar
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message said yesterday he believes the bill to extend just middle class tax rates would pass the house right now. >> i think it if it got to the floor it would carry. >> i spent a lot of time counting votes and looking around. >> but kevin mccarthy, the guy who is actually in charge of counting the votes on the republican side, made it clear that the public message from house republicans is sill no deal on tax rates. >> the president wants the rates to go up, that doesn't solve a problem, another year, another ten years answering your same questions. >> today "the wall street journal" editorial page lectures some republicans. quote, it's a shame that republicans are playing into mr. obama's hands negotiating in public among themselves prematurely giving up on the tax issue and undermining house speaker john boehner in the process. but in "the weekly standard" bill kristol hit back at "the journal" take on this saying it would be great if "the journal"
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editors had a better idea what republicans could do. they don't. if the house republicans follow the editors over the cliff, the only effect, i'm afraid, will be to turn a manageable reret in december into a panicked strategic route in january. "the new york times" points out that even if republicans agree to the president's key demand that the top tax rates return to the clinton era level, it would only be a quarter of the $1.6 trillion the white house is demanding leaving battles and limits on deductions and exemptions and estate and gift taxes all for another day. then there are other political minefields of entitlement cuts in spending. by the way, by choosing to make his fiscal cliff pitch in michigan, the president is stepping into the fierce battle over worker rights in that state. they are becoming the 24th state for right to work state. the bill pushed through by the republican controlled house and
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senate in michigan, the daimler detroit michigan plant, the white house came out against the move sighing president obama has long opposed right-to-work laws and continues to oppose them now. by the way, a quick little aside on this disagreement among conservatives about what tactic boehner should take "the journal" versus kristol. this gives boehner more room, more power, more of an ability to get a deal done because there isn't conservative consensus on how to back seat cut boehner. secretary of state hillary clinton finishes up her final weeks as america's top diplomat and has to contemplate her next move. the clinton world is not sitting quietly, though. t "the new york times" kicked off what is likely to become a monthly exercise by somebody in the media. we may come up with a meter. probably throw in jeb in there, right? we should call it the hillary
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jebatron version 2016. probably jon stewart starting that up already. jodie cantor interviewed a number of clinton aides about future plans and strikingly a lot of them talked. while clinton has dozens of options when she leaves the state department, cantor makes a smart observation. she is a big constraint. the more serious she is about 2016 the less she can do. no frank, seen it all memoir, no clients, commissions that could prove problematic in the 2016 primaries or the general. instead cantor reports that secretary clinton is considering writing an upbeat look at her time as secretary of state. not a painful examination of her failed 2008 bid as she once proposed. likely to be quoted in a handful of clinton aides willing to go on the record with "the times" even when asked questions that made it clear the paper was doing a story on clinton's presidential ambitions. a longtime senior adviser to the
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clintons and hillary's campaign in 2008 tells the paper she has seen firsthand the difference she can make for women and girls. and that could be the focus of some such book and women's rights around the world. quote, nobody interacts with hillary clinton like she's fading off into the sunset. aides talk on background about the timing, strategy, even the issues she might focus on in a future one. and then the friend of about bill clinton who tells "the times" he sometimes cannot keep himself from verbally gaming out another campaign for her whether she wants it or not saying every indication is she would want him to run. a fever pitch hit when bill clinton buddy democratic strategist james carville was asked about the 2016 bid. >> every democrat i know says, god, i hope she runs. the democrats want her to run. i don't just mean a lot of democrats, i mean a whole lot of democrats, like 90% across the country.
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>> in a gw politico battleground poll out this morning, hillary clinton's favorable rating is at 0%, higher than the president's, higher than vice president biden. she is more popular than the republicans tested who may be laying the groundwork. paul ryan, jeb bush and marco rubio. by the way, newt gingrich said sunday on "meet the press" what makes her such a formidable opponent. >> if the competitor in 2016 will be hillary clinton supported by bill clinton and presumably still relatively popular president barack obama trying to win that will be truly the super bowl and the republican party today is incapable of competing at that level. >> so should we do our little meter every week? do you want to us do it every day? tweet me some advice. how do we deal with hillary watch 2016? if you want it daily, let us know. if you want it weekly, if you need a break, you're not going to get a break. the question is daily or weekly
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and we'll throw jeb into that mix as well. clinton still has some real work to do before she leaves her current job, and it may well be dominated by the crisis in syria where violence from the 21-month-old civil war is spilling over the border into lebanon. 40,000 have been killed according to the syrian activist. the rebels continue to make advances. the international community, though, worries that an increasingly desperate president assad will end up resort to go chemical weapons. secretary clinton was to go to morocco for friends of syria group which is focused on ways to strengthen the syrian opposition. a stomach virus will delay her trip until tomorrow. the u.s. has not recognized the opposition, syrian national coalition, but that may happen. there's been some concern because of who makes up the syrian nationals including some of those folks with connections to al qaeda. the u.s. and nato allies pressed for assad's departure but any u.n. action has been blocked
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against assad and tess piety a flurry aimed at the foreign minister at lyclinton's last st in dublin. fundamental decisionses about reforming syria's political system must be made by syrians themselves without outside interference. a disappointing statement for a lot of those trying to get the russians off of a assad's side. opposition should agree to the parameters of a transition period. looking for a solution to the conflict but continues to oppose making the exit a precondition. the u.s. gets involved in syria, it won't transform u.s. policy in the middle east and change the dynamics of everything in washington. trust us on this including the fiscal cliff. well, driving a hard bargain, president obama heads to the motor city and in the middle of a union fight. i have a former governor of michigan here.
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plus, we'll talk fiscal cliff and debt ceiling with him. plus, one hatch of simpson-bowles. the erskine bowles half. the less dancing of the duo. why former chief of staff is growing more optimistic we'll be able to get a deal before the cliff dive. by the way, will he take a job in president obama's cabinet? i'll have that answer straight ahead. first, a look ahead at the president's schedule today. you can see it's michigan with the lunch time remarks. back to the white house before 5:00. [ male announcer ] when ziggy the cat appeared at their door, he opened up jake's very private world. at first, jake's family thought they saved ziggy, but his connection with jake has been a lifesaver. for a love this strong, his family only feeds him iams.
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president obama, speak er boehner enter a crucial week of negotiations. the president will have another public appeal for his fiscal solution this afternoon. he'll make a pitch to the detroit auto plant. a former republican governor of michigan and the president of the business roundtable, john engler. governor engler, nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> let me start with -- i know all of the ceos from what i understand privately that met that you organized to meet with the president last week all had one message was the same. can't the two of them just get in a room and start doing a deal? well, they can did that yesterday. is that in your mind progress even if if we don't know what happened? >> it's hugely important. it's not that they've had the kind of relationship that can work well if they don't see each other face-to-face since july of last year -- this year, i guess. it's time. and i think the fact that they're together, it's got to be worked out. all the pieces i described are laying on the floor, they just
6:17 am
need to pick them up and put them together, face-to-face and make some headway. >> there's two big sticking points, it seems. one is where to go with taxes, but you can sort of see how that's coming together. the other one is this debt ceiling and this is where it seems republicans are united on not changing the rules or the law at all when it comes to dealing with the debt ceiling. you've been an advocate, though, of trying to take the politics out of it, how do you do it? >> both sides, both parties, depe depending on who has been in power, had their fun. >> they play the game. >> absolutely. >> you 0 do think it needs to be fully reformed? >> it's a clumsy tool you can only hurt yourself with regardless of who you are. in this case it's our own government that puts itself atriat risk. mo threat to say we might default, put our credit rating at risk, put the economy at risk. somehow at the end of the day i would like to see that out of there but i understand senator corker yesterday talking on this network about how, look, we've got to get the entitlements.
6:18 am
i would say there's three legs on the stool. i look at it as the tax revenue question. there's entitlement spending question and i think the third is economic growth. i think i look at the debt ceiling as a technical question off to the side. >> do you want the debt ceiling to be part of this deal but if it isn't you're okay with it? >> no, they have until march. we saw what happens in august of 2011 when you go up to the end and look into the abyss or threaten to jump in. that didn't work very well. >> do you think republicans are making a strategic miscalculati miscalculation? there are some who believe, all right, we have no lefl leverage on taxes. maybe we give them the tax rates but nothing else and then use leverage -- you think that's a tactical mistake? >> i don't know how it works. at the end of the day we can't put the nation's credit at risk. we can't seriously say, well, default is an option. >> and your members at the brt, the business roundtable --
6:19 am
>> horrified. >> they are petrified of this, aren't they? >> they are. it deals with reputation. the united states has always been, i think, viewed globally as a pragmatic problem solver. after we've done everything we'll do the right thing. i think in this case we're focused in the conversation with the president and with the congressional leaders, we had more than 103 ceos in town last week. and really the best was, look, sit down, work it out. but we were equally firm, i think, on entitlement spending refirm as on revenue. >> no doubt. i have to ask you what's going on this michigan. you were a michigan governor i feel like half my adult lifetime. >> 12 short years. >> why didn't you pursue right to work? >> we didn't have the votes then. >> would you have pursued it if you did have the votes? >> it was something we always talked about. at that time in the region there were no right-to-work states. it was a regional question, and i think what's happened with
6:20 am
right-to-work and the governor is passionate about getting the jobs engine restarted in michigan, indiana moving to right to work status changed the game in the midwest. now your neighbor is able to compete differently. and i think there is in michigan this sense that we've got to be able to win the competition. near the end of my tenure, we actually had jobs moving from indiana back to michigan, jobs that at one point had left. >> so you think he has no choice because indiana has done this. this is going to be politically be make michigan potentially ground zero in a political fight between labor and the business community. is that something -- >> it was in november as well because labor went forward with ballot initiatives when they tried to take right to work and put constitutional prohibitions against ever going there into michigan's constitution and they failed rather dramatically with that. a long rich union tradition who
6:21 am
will always choose to be part of the union. and i think the unions have to make it. they can't automatically assume in a right to work state that people will pay the dues. >> john engler, former governor of michigan, we got a lot in in a short amount of time. up next, we have the results of the final tea party versus establishment showdown of 2012. that's right. there was an election on saturday. we'll tell you -- remind you where it was. plus, mitt romney took a ringside seat for a post election bout watching a member of congress fight. we'll tell you where that person is a member of congress. a guy who knows how to throw a punch announced he's coming to washington. how many u.s. presidents also served as secretary of state? and who was the last one? [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
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[ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. on our radar, is he or is he not going to challenge chris christie. it's a multimillion dollar question for cory booker. he faced that question on cbs. >> i am considering running for governor as well as giving some other options consideration. i will be focused on that the next week to ten days or so. >> other options. the real option that we keep hearing if booker opts against challenging christie and that's the betting, there's speculation he will look at running for the u.s. senate in 2014, the seat
6:26 am
held by the on again/off again democratic senator there frank law tenberg. he has not made his plans public yet. lautenberg will turn 90 in 2014. charles boustany beat jeff landry. boustany finished with 61% while landry had 39%. neither one had 50% in the primary held on november 6. that's how they rejiggered their laws and that whole business in order to become constitutional, if you will, in how they handle their races in will ylouisiana. they do everything differently down there. saturday was fight night for mitt romney. mitt romney and his wife attended the las vegas boxing match between manny pacquiao and juan manuel marquez as a guest of the nevada state athletic chairman bill brady. pacquiao, of course, has thought about running for president of the philippines and he still
6:27 am
might some day. before the fight romney went into manny's locker room and had this little comment for him saying, hey, i'm mitt romney. i ran for president. i lost. okay. we'll see if pacquiao blames those words of wisdom for what happened. and speaking of fighters, former heavyweight boxing champ mike tyson has that crazy one-man show that he's been doing. well, it's on a three-month national tour. and it begins in february. the state show tracks his rise to stardom and is set to hit the nation's capital the same week as the white house correspondents dinner. so we challenge you to mix your brunch and mike tyson all up in the same event. good luck with that. coming up, just because the election is over doesn't mean there's no more polling in the battlegrounds. the latest swing state poll are for you. plus a deep dive into the race to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff dive with the bowles half of bowles-simpson.
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a little different way to look at the markets today. the opening bell just rang. as we start a new week of trading, the president and can coo of our friends at telemundo are on hand to do the honors at the nasdaq rolling out a rebranding effort to redefine hispanic television, a division of nbc universal and something we're all very excited about here. good luck to them. no big surprise. wall street is keeping a close eye on fiscal cliff talks. mcdonald's is up. apple and aig down. we should mention that today it's expected to be one of the busiest online shopping days of the holiday season as you get in those last times to get deals in so that you know for sure it gets there by christmas. well, for a deal already rejected with by congress, oh,
6:32 am
yeah, there's the music, it may be unusual that we still hear so much about the simpson-bowles plan. it's a plan no one will vote on. it's come to represent what could have been. today a deep dive into the elusive grand bargain captured in the simpson-bowles plan. first the outlines of a deal between president obama and speaker boehner. as we've told you, you take the two positions we're looking at between $800 billion and $1.6 trillion in new tax revenue. enough savings to hold off the sequester. compare that to the simpson-bowles proposal and you'll see a big difference. as a starting point the plan would allow the bush tax cuts to expire for everybody. it proposes tax reform that would produce another trillion in tax revenue t. could produce more revenue than the proposals from president obama or speaker boehner combined. in addition simpson bowles would cut spending by nearly $3 trillion, half that have coming from national security. that's right. more defense cuts.
6:33 am
than people have been talking about. it all adds up to around $4 trillion worth of deficit reduction. the plan also reforms social security to raise the retirement age and raise the maximum amount you can tax. and for the middle class it would turn mortgage into a 12% tax credit. co-author of the plan alan simpson said on cbs' "face the nation" there's no easy way out of this debt problem. >> not a single economist who talked to us in our hearings said we can't grow our way out of this thing if we had double digit growth for 20 years, you can't cut spending out of this. and you can't tax your way out of this baby. this is impossible. >> earlier today i spoke to the other co-author of the simpson-bowles plan, former white house chief of staffer, erskine bowles, co-founder of the fix the debt campaign.
6:34 am
good morning, mr. bowles. >> good morning, chuck todd. how are you? >> i'm good. let me start with this. why aren't you for going over the fiscal cliff? i heard you yesterday saying it would be catastrophic, but let me read you estimates. we go over the cliff, we suddenly have -- we're basically taking in as much money as we're spending over a five-year period. yes, the economy is in bad shape in 2013 but by 2018 we'd have a debt to gdp ratio of 1.1%. isn't this simpson-bowles on steroids? >> you know, it's no different than what happened over in the uk, in my opinion. they had a similar proposal to what we proposed with dollar revenue and $3 worth of spending cuts. they had a cost benefit analysis they did on all the spending programs, they raised the retirement age. they slowed the rate of growth
6:35 am
of health care and they tried to get to balance in four or five years. and we thought at the time the debt was too much too quick that amount of austerity would really, you know, lead to a recession. that's why we had as our number one priority in our program that we didn't want to do anything to disrupt a very fragile economic recovery, so we phased ours in. if you do that and if you look at the economic forecast you can see what would happen. you'll probably have economic growth slowed by with about 4%. we're only growing at 2%. so you're automatically in recession. you would have about 2 million more people lose their jobs. that's not something i want to see. and unemployment back to 9%. i think that's absolutely wrong and i think is the kind of thing we should avoid.
6:36 am
there's no sense betting the country when we can reach such a reasonable compromise before the end of the year. >> all right. speaking of the compromise, it seems we're at sort of two book ends. the good news is there seems to be momentum not to go over the cliff. at a minimum republicans would pass the middle class tax rate extension period. and that could be the only thing they do. where is your optimism level that the deal would be better than that? >> oh, gosh, i think all you have to do is look at the atmospherics. i have not been very optimistic. we were going to be able to get a deal based on where the early discussions were. just look at what the president is saying. he is insisting on raising the tax rates on the top 2%.
6:37 am
but what he said is, look, next year i want to sit down with chairman camp. i want to sit down with senator baucus and see if we can, you know, do something that broadens the base, simplify the code, get rid of some of this back door spend i spending in the tax code and use it to reduce rates. he's also shown real flexibility on his ability to negotiate, reducing some of the entitlement programs. the speaker on the other hand not only has he put revenues on the table, but he's been, you know, i think very candid in the offering made last week where he doesn't mention a thing about premium support for medicare. he doesn't say anything about, you know, granting medicare to the state. he doesn't say anything about, you know, severe cuts in income support programs that are so important to the disadvantaged. and then you listen to the people around them who are their
6:38 am
surrogates. you have lots of republicans out there saying, hey, we could do rates. democrats out there like senator durbin who is very close to the president saying, hey look, you know what we can do, on medicare, you know, i wouldn't like it but i would be willing to support means testing. well, that's not -- that's like number one on mcconnell's list so i think you have good atmospherics out there. >> it seems the politics of it is this. the president's willing to do it. he doesn't want to have to be the one to propose it. republicans, it seems, some of them want the president to get into a political pickle so they want him to propose it so that the democrats have the same internal problems on entitlements that republicans right now are dealing on taxes. do some republicans know they have to own the entitlement thing if they want the president to get there? >> i think two things. first, the tax side and then we'll get to entitlements. on the tax side, i think the
6:39 am
president really wants to make sure that revenue is there and the only way he can be sure that revenue had will be there is by raising rates. he's then willing to see if members of congress will work to bro broaden the base and actually get rid of some of these tax expenditures. seeing is believing. secondly on entitlements, i don't know why the president wouldn't want to negotiate against himself on this. republicans would be willing to reduce entitlements, ought to come forward and talk about those that are willing to support. the president has said, and i know he means it, but he's willing to reduce the entitlements so that we can, as an example, slow the rate of growth of health care to the rate of growth of the economy. >> have you been vetted for treasury secretary? >> no. >> do you have any interest in serving in an obama administration? >> look, i don't have any
6:40 am
interest in a full-time job working in the private sector, in the public sector. i'm really happy here in this being nk. i'm 67 years old. i've been married 40 years. i want to stay home for a while. >> and i guess practice your gangnam style dancing. >> if i can do that, i can go on television full time. >> well, that's for sure. erskine bowles, one hatch of simps simpson-bowles and we're not allowed to call it bowles-simpson. >> there's good reason for that. >> he doesn't want the whole bs business. >> i don't either. thank you. the gaggle will be here to kick off the week, but first, the white house soup of the day. we start simple on mondays. tomato basil. probably going to need some sort of spicy sauce or something to make it more edible. more flavor. check out the show on facebook. like us, poke us, stick a
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just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. daily flashback, this day in 1869 when the wyoming territory became the first place in the united states to grant women the right to vote more than 50 years before the 19th amendment passed. with three weeks to go before the fiscal cliff's automatic spending cuts and tax hikes kick in, a new politico/gw poll shows 60% of americans favor higher taxes for people making $250,000 or more a year. that hasn't changed. the politics of taxes hasn't changed. ari shapiro, michelle bernard, and chris join me. the president, boehner, behind closed doors, they're not
6:45 am
reading anything. they did it without any other leaders. i think the real negotiations have finally started. >> that's a good sign when we're not hearing much, when they're saying everything is a disaster or we're making progress. when they're meeting and saying we're not going to tell anybody what happened behind closed doors, to me that's getting somewhere. >> look at the clock. if everybody wants to get up. senator joe man offion. the smell of the jet fumes from national all want to be out here before the 24th. if if the bill on the 18th it at the latest, that means to get a bill written like that you need to have the frame wok by the 14th or 15th. today is the 10th. >> the framework a little plug and play. >> you can do an extension. if it really comes down -- i
6:46 am
know no one will want to hear that, you can say here is the framework. we buy ourselves two months' time, whatever it might be, to write the legislation, and then you do it when you come back, i actually think i agree when they go quiet, when they meet in private, it's a positive sign and you're starting to see indications both on the right and the left, let's get a deal. the risks are too great to go over the cliff. >> the republicans really are annoyed by the president continuing to do public events. it bothers them. now today's public event wasn't fiscal cliff planned. it had to do daimler wanted the president there. they wanted to announced big thing with the u.s. auto manufacturer. still going to make a cliff point. do you think this could be the last public we hear from the president until they do real stuff? >> possibly. it's working. the republicans are irritated because the president isn't playing their game anymore. i think that's why they're so irritated. it's working. the american public likes it.
6:47 am
so possibly. i wouldn't be spraysed if we see one more speech from the president. >> i want to play -- we're seeing more and more republicans break. i think the big one was bob corker, ari, let's play a little bit of sound from corker. >> there is a growing group of folks that are looking at this and realizing that we don't have a lot of cards as it relates to the tax issue before year end. i mean, we have one house, that's it. the presidency and the senate and the democrats' hands. and kevin mccarthy on "meet the press." he didn't say they weren't going to be for rates. he said raising tax rates isn't enough. >> everybody supports raising taxes. >> everybody is for raising taxes on somebody else. >> it's just whether the rates will go up. they are speaking more openly about going over the cliff and negotiating about getting the automatic rate hikes back down
6:48 am
and republicans do not want to see that. >> chris, there was republican infighting among conservative intellectuals, bill kristol versus "the wall street journal" editorial page. essentially saying to bob corker, shut up. and kristol going, what do you want to do, given the democrats more leverage in january? this was his message. >> if we go over the cliff, the republicans have zero -- zero leverage. you can make the argument that they gained leverage possibly with the debt ceiling negotiations but how did that work out the last time? it would be the worst of all worlds. >> and i had john engler on here. the entire business community will come down en masse on the republicans if they play too many games. >> they can't. they have no games left to play. they will lose complete credibility. you talked to maybe about the possibility of an extension. you have to think most members of the american public, barack obama won in a landslide. people don't want any more games. you have to be sitting back and saying, why is it so hard to do the job that we elected you to do? >> the message -- let me sneak
6:49 am
in a break so we have more time to talk on the other side. trivia, how many u.s. presidents also served as secretary of state? the answer was six. but it's been a long time. jefferson, madison, monroe, john quincy adams, martin van buren, and james buchanan. bu k buchanan was the last one. impressively you got it all. if you have a political trivia question, e-mail it to us. a message to hillary clinton, not since before the civil war. watch out.
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very mooar mformidable as a. a very popular person. she's married to most popular democrat in the country. they both think it would be good for her to be president. that makes it virtually
6:53 am
impossible to stop her for the nomination. >> well, there you go. newt gingrich predicted it. that's the kiss of death, essentially. all right. i'm trying to figure out how we deal with hillary watch 2016, right? >> we might throw jeb in there, too. i think this is what the next 18 months are going to be like between hillary at a higher decibel level than jeb, but they are the two most formidable figures in their parties. if either one decides to run they're the immediate front-runners. how do you manage this if you're hillary? the "time" story laid it out all out. she's more limited in what she can do if she's thinking about running. >> i think if i'm advising hillary clinton my advice is it's way too early. don't listen to the hype. >> of course it is. but it's not. >> disappear. it's not but it is. you just don't want to be a front-runner. her numbers are astronomically high. >> she was a terrible front-runner. we found that out four years ago. >> she doesn't want to see a
6:54 am
repeat of that. people love her. she can do really well. she needs to lay low for a while. >> chris, check out these numbers. the most recent politico g.w. pole. 60% favorability rating. better than jeb. better than ryan. better than rubio. you heard newt. everybody's running in fear of hillary if you will on the democratic and republican side. >> it's amazing we're already talking about this. we love the idea. >> as he walked down, he goes, can we wait until january 21st? that's all. let's get to the inauguration. >> putting that aside she is unquestionably a formidable force. there's just no way of painting it a different way. that being said, anything can happen. and what i mean by that is, you don't know who may emerge from the right. you don't know where the country is going to be. you don't know what happens on the left in terms of another, you know, emerging character or emerging player. so a lot of dynamics. the smart play here for her
6:55 am
is -- is not to disappear. but to pick her moments over the next two years when she wants to speak. understand every time she speaks it's going to create a firestorm. >> if you want to work, by the way, if you want to work on hillary 2016 i'm told send a resume to terry mcauliffe, virginia governor. >> traditionally it's the republicans who have the coronation in the primary. democrats have the free for all. this year it's shaping up to be a 2014 republican free for all and democrats going for the coronation. >> well -- >> except we know that joe biden is clearly going to run. he's not just going to walk away. watching these two titans go at it, like this dance where they're not going to be attacking each other is going to be the interesting story over the next two years. >> biden is not going to let this go. i'm with you. he's run for president multiple times. >> he said it on election day. >> it's what carville said. running for president is like having sex. you don't just do it once. >> really? >> that's carville.
6:56 am
>> howard university, student aid campaign. i want to give a shoutout to my mother, nesta bernard. they are raising money like rabbits for deserving kids to be able to finish school. >> raising money like rabbits. >> we need money. >> you're raising a lot of money. >> robert samuelson op-ed today about a lost generation. look at the unemployment numbers. 41% are people who are under 30. this is a serious problem that i think we haven't committed enough attention to. >> mr. shapiro. >> bloomberg hired a new social media editor, my friend scott bixby. congratulations. follow him at scott bix. >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." see you right back here tomorrow. just a few more days till the fiscal cliffness. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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